FitNest Obstacles


10', 11' & 12' Warped Walls

One of the most recognizable and popular obstacles featured at American Ninja Warrior competitions is the famous Warped Wall. Launch up the curve in hopes of grabbing the top. 

3 sizes to try!

Ready for an even bigger challenge? Give our big 11' or 12' Warped Wall a try. Perfect your techniques and propel yourself to new heights!


Sea Of Ropes

Navigate your way across the Sea of Ropes. Swaying back and forth an side to side, it's harder than it looks! 

Unstable Bridge

Jump up and grab the first plank, moving across with your hands. Jump across the gap to the second plank and make your way across.

Salmon Ladder

Taking pull-ups to the next level! Move the bar up with you as you ascend this tricky salmon ladder structure. 

FitNest 4.png

Wall Climb

Use the rope to help pull and climb your way up and over the Wall Climb.

Sea of Rings

Swing through staggered rings using both your hands and feet to make it across. We adjust our rings to accommodate our guests of all sizes.

Quintuple Steps

Jump across angled platforms using your speed and balance to make it past all five of these steps.

Rope Swing to Cargo Net

Hang on tight to the rope and swing your way across to leap onto the cargo net and maneuver your way down to the next obstacle.

Hanging Doors

The obstacle consists of four boards hanging from the scaffolding above. Cling onto the board and use the cut outs to help you make your way to the next one while they swing back and forth.

Rock Wall

We don't have just one rock wall, we have TWO! Climb to the top of the first rock wall and see if you can make your way along the Cliff Hanger (not pictured) to get to the other wall.

FitNest 3.png

Peg Board

Move your way across this obstacle by carefully placing the pegs along your route to make it across.

New Obstacles

We're always adding new obstacles! Come try the latest:

  • Devil's Steps
  • Rumbling Dice
  • Spider Wall
  • Ball Grip & More